Custom Foam
All foam inserts, foam linings and blocks are made from tough, resilient, high density, high energy absorbent, black polyethylene foam imported from England. This foam is specially made for packaging and will not fade or discolour and is moisture proof and cleanable. Various grades are selected for each different application to ensure the correct protection against vibration, shock and rough handling. Our foam inserts are processed by computer controlled machinery to fit snugly the contour of the subject equipment, cradling and effectively eliminating movement during transit or handling. As well, with properly laid out pockets and slots, accessories are easily located and accounted for.

ABOVE LEFT: Insert for Panasonic camera and accessories in a custom aluminium case.

ABOVE MIDDLE: Power Supply Case Foam Insert.

RIGHT: Insert for a Sony PD170 camera and accessories in a Storm iM2600 case with a compartment to hold cords and connection cables and miscellaneous items. The lid is packed with convoluted foam to hold everything firmly in place.


Inserts can be supplied for custom cases, Pelican cases, Pelican-Storm cases, Pelican-Hardigg cases and customer provided cases. We can fit inserts to almost any type or make of case. Inserts can be one-off to production runs of any quantity. Small inserts for presentation purposes, or large inserts for engineering equipment and everything in between.

In some cases foam blocking and dividers are a better solution and these are fitted to the same high standard applied to full inserts. We take pride in our workmanship and our prices are competitive.

We welcome all enquiries for foam insert work. Contact us for a quote, any size and quantity.