Pelican Torches and Lighting Systems

Arguably the best manufacturer of personal lighting devices, Pelican's range extends from small pen-light type lights to large, self-contained flood-light systems, and all backed by the legendary Pelican™ Lifetime Guarantee.

Pelican Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: Pelican guarantees its products for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the lamps (excluding LEDs) or batteries (rechargeable or alkaline) for lights. Any liability, either expressed or implied, is limited to replacement of the product. This guarantee is void if the Pelican™ product has been abused beyond normal and sensible wear and tear. This guarantee does not cover shark bite, bear attack or damage caused by children under five. Please contact Roadmaster Cases for any warranty issues with your Pelican product.

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lighting solutions by downloading the PDF brochure (click here).

Pelican USA have also made available a range of videos about their products.
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New Torches: Always thinking outside the square, check out what's new in the torch range from Pelican. VIEW BROCHURE


Small Torches: Including the legendary Mitylite™, Pelican have a wide range of small torches taking coil-cell to AA size batteries. Small in size, not in performance.


Medium Torches: Check out Pelican's range of medium sized torches including the superb SabreLite™ range. Taking two to four C size Batteries. VIEW BROCHURE


Large Torches: The "Big Daddy" of Pelican's range. Packing more light and power where its needed. Battery sizes eight x C Size and greater. VIEW BROCHURE

Hands Free: Hands free solutions from Pelican - great for caving and exploring.


Rechargeable: Most medium to large Pelican torches have rechargeable options.


Spares & Accessories: We stock a range of spares and accessories for your Pelican torch. VIEW BROCHURE


Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS): Ideal solution for bright, portable, emergency lighting needs. The new Remote Area Lighting Systems are revolutionary! VIEW BROCHURE


Submersible Range: From the "Extreme Sport Dive Torch" which says it all (submersible to 500ft/150m) through to torches that are still submersible by not to great depths, Pelican have a range of torches to suit any diver.


Photoluminescent Range: Frustrated when you can't find your torch in the dark??? Not anymore with this great range from Pelican.


LED Range: Latest LED Technology, including Pelican's superior Recoil LED™ system for the best performance and long battery life. VIEW BROCHURE


Night Vision and Infrared Range: Built on experience with Defence, look at Pelican's NV and Infrared range to preserve your night vision. Compatible with NVG equipment.