Pelican 9490

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The 9490 Remote Area Lighting System from Pelican is a self-contained, rechargeable, battery-powered light source with a multi-position telescoping mast that reaches a height of 6 feet and is topped with a 10-LED head that pivots 340° to precisely place the 125° angle beam. With a 6000-lumen maximum output and up to 24 hours of continuous runtime; it provides a convenient alternative to generator-powered lights. An Intelligent Control system allows for variable light output levels from 1 to 100% power, and calculates and displays current battery life, allowing the user to regulate the intensity of the light and choose the desired run time. For quick use, there are three preset output levels: 1500 lumen, 3000 lumen, and 6000 lumen. Remote control operation is supported via a free app for iPhone and connects via Bluetooth to give full control of on/off switching and variable output selection.