Custom Cases and Foam Inserts

We Fabricate Custom Built Cases and Racks

Custom built cases and racks designed and manufactured to last, functional and attractive. Fabricated in rigidized (high strength-lightweight) aluminium sheet or stucco pattern aluminium sheet, all of our cases have patented double
re-inforced lid-opening corners to ensure complete rigidity (no movement or gaps) throughout the lifetime of the case. The result is a strong but lightweight case.

Aluminium cases can be supplied in a natural finish or powder coated to a selection of colours. Laminate on plywood is usually used for medium to large cases. The normal laminate used is ABS laminated to 9mm hardwood 5ply. Black is the preferred colour, however other colours can be specified. Laminates, such as Laminex or Formica can be used if required.

Options available include:

  • Zinc plated handles, catches and corners are normally supplied, however stainless steel is available for small and most medium sized cases
  • Lids are normally hinged, but can be removable or in some cases hinged and removable
  • Recessed wheels and telescopic handle for small to medium cases
  • Castor wheels, blue non-marking, fixed or swivel, braked or unbraked
  • Detachable dolly with wheels
  • Fixed or shockproof mountings for Rack units
  • Shelves and drawers for rack units
  • Plus our technical staff will design and build any additional feature or extra you may require


Custom Designed Foam

Should you require it, our technicians can construct custom foam inserts for any case. Just contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

All foam inserts, foam linings and blocks are made from tough, resilient, high density, high energy absorbent, black polyethylene foam imported from England. This foam is specially made for packaging and will not fade or discolour and is moisture proof and cleanable. Various grades are selected for each different application to ensure the correct protection against vibration, shock and rough handling. Our foam inserts are processed by computer controlled machinery to fit snugly the contour of the subject equipment, cradling and effectively eliminating movement during transit or handling. As well, with properly laid out pockets and slots, accessories are easily located and accounted for.

Inserts can be supplied for custom cases, Pelican cases, Pelican-Storm cases, Pelican-Hardigg cases and customer provided cases. We can fit inserts to almost any type or make of case. Inserts can be one-off to production runs of any quantity. Small inserts for presentation purposes, or large inserts for engineering equipment and everything in between.

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