2785 Headlamp

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At long last, a high performance / long run time safety certified headlamp! The Class I, Division 1 / IECEx certified 2785 provides a Main, Downcast, Flashing, and combination LED modes. The focused Main LED provides a great distance beam while the Downcast LED projects a dispersed beam set at a 45° downward angle. This “Downcast” beam offers a number of benefits including safer illuminated pathways, reading capability, as well as convenient face to face applications. Options are plentiful as each mode is provided in an easy to select high, medium or low setting. The rear mounted battery pack is equipped with a full time battery level indicator in addition to a rear facing red LED for added safety. With over 200 lumens of high intensity light output available, coupled with the ability to last up to 100 hours in the low setting, the 2785 will support virtually all your hands free lighting needs. All this in a product that carries intrinsically safe certifications.
  • Dual Beams including Downcast LED Technology
  • 3 Light Levels
  • Pivoting Head For Directional Beam (60°)
  • Full Time Battery Level Indication
  • Rear Mounted Red LED
  • Cloth and Rubber Straps Included
  • 4 AA Batteries Included
7.6 cm

Weight With Batteries
249 gr

Weight Without Batteries
187 gr

Switch Type
Rotary / Push Button

Light Modes
High / Medium / Low / Downcast / Spot / Flashing

Battery Size

Battery Type

Battery Quantity

Batteries Included

Battery Level Indicator
3 Blue LEDs

6.0 v

Lamp Type

Lamp Secondary Type

Class I, Division 1   /  IECEx ia