Pelican 9430

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The 9430 Generation III Remote Area Lighting has a Polycarbonate lens that is light weight and impact resistant. The maintenance free LED array has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. The mast is fully extendable to a max of 3ft with a 360 degree rotating lamp head. It is activated by a waterproof rubber activation switch. The light has a high and low settings, pumping out 1500 or 3000 lumens of light when its needed most. The Lamp head is made up of 6 Hi Flux LED's which provide a 125 degree spread of light. The Battery is a 12 volt rechargeable sealed battery that when fully discharged will take 5 hours to bring it back up to full charge again. The lamp head with start to offer intermittent blinking when the battery is getting low. Its weight is a light 10.27kg and is available in black or yellow. Rain will not effect the operation of the light as the light head is a sealed unit.